Frequently Asked Questions About EnzymesFrequently Asked Questions

What does the Loomis 24-hour urinalysis reveal?

This is a nutritional test. The exception is the chemstick, which is routinely done in medical offices. The chemstick reveals abnormal solutes in the urine and is used to determine if there is a need for a referral to a physician for a medical diagnosis. The nutritional part of the test reveals digestive problems (e.g., enzyme deficiencies), nutritional deficiencies, such as calcium, vitamin C and electrolytes, degree of colon toxicity and an allergy pattern.

I value the urine test because the blood is the last thing to go and thatís the first place doctors usually look. The Loomis 24-hour urine test can become abnormal long before a disease shows up in the blood. Looking at the urine is like peaking at the blood. The blood holds the nutrients it needs and dumps what it doesnít need through the urine. So, if I donít see calcium or vitamin C or electrolytes in the urine, I know that the blood cannot spare them, even though the blood will show normal calcium and vitamin C, etc., until a disease presents itself. Thus, the urinalysis is prognostic, not diagnostic. In other words, you can predict health trends because they show up nutritionally in the urine before disease shows up in the blood. Itís much easier to prevent a health problem than it is to reverse it once itís there.

Blood tests are useful because they can reveal a disease. But, most people feel sick long before the disease actually shows up in the blood.

What can I expect on this program?

You can expect improved digestion, which will reverse or eliminate many discomforts caused by poor digestion (food intolerances). For example, if you are fat intolerant, you could develop gallbladder problems and, later on, stomach problems. Since there is an enzyme connection to all health problems, taking the enzymes you need has a profound effect on self-healing and disease prevention.

Do most people respond positively to this program?

Most people respond positively, but results do vary. There are several reasons why a person may not achieve his or her full potential on the program. They may not comply with the dietary recommendations. They may feel finding good food and pure water is just too inconvenient. They may not really believe that they can heal themselves. They may be too impatient to continue until they notice positive results. Finally, some people are so sick that they may need other therapies in addition to enzyme therapy in order to find relief from their health problems.
See Testimonials from Our Clients for more information about people who have found success with this program.

How long will it take to notice a difference in my state of wellness?

Some clients notice an immediate improvement and others take a longer period of time, perhaps days or weeks, to feel better. Sometimes a very sick person will have an immediate turnaround, whereas one with less severe health problems will not notice as dramatic an improvement. Your attitude and your beliefs play a very important role in achieving and maintaining wellness. It is very important that you are able to imagine yourself healthy and to have a positive outlook on enzyme and nutritional support.
See Testimonials from Our Clients for more information about people who have found success with this program.

How long will I need enzymes?

Every body needs a multiple digestive enzyme. The others are used as needed for certain nutritional purposes, such as nutritional support for allergies, headaches, backaches and so on.
If you donít know whether to continue an enzyme, stop taking the enzyme in question. If your discomfort comes back, then, yes, you still need that enzyme. The only downside to this is that, when you first become deficient in a nutrient or enzyme, there are no "symptoms." Discomfort usually occurs after the deficiency has been there awhile. For example, many clients show low calcium in the urine test but not everyone has calcium deficiency discomfort, such as a nocturnal cough or restless legs and leg or toe cramps. If you take the nutrient when you are asymptomatic, no discomfort will appear. In other words, enzyme support is preventative as well as supportive.
I recommend repeating the Loomis 24-hour urinalysis test no more than 2 months after the initial test.. This will tell me how well you are doing with your initial program and if you need a change in your enzyme program.
If you are a client or you would like to become one, you can call my office and make an appointment. Together, we can figure out what you need. Start improving your health today!

Are there any side effects of these enzymes?

It is rare, but, occasionally, a client may react to one of the herbs in an enzyme formulation if he or she is extremely allergic to that herb, even though these herbs are predigested with enzymes. In general, when you add an enzyme to an herb to predigest it, there is much less chance of an allergic reaction, but it can still occur.

Here are some important clinical observations:

  • If you have parasites and experience a loose stool or diarrhea, it may be because of the elimination of parasites. High protease formulas such as Thera-zyme TRMA, can cause this.
  • Clients with gastric problems (hiatal hernia, gastritis or ulcers) cannot take a large dose of protease (such as Thera-zymes Bil, HCL or TRMA) with food because the increased acid from the digestion of protein will exacerbate their condition. These clients must first nourish their unhealthy mucus cells of the stomach with Stm (stomach).
  • Enzymes digest toxins and these must be eliminated through the urine and the feces. Thatís why I usually give drainage formulas, such as Thera-zyme Kdy (kidney), which helps the kidneys cleanse the blood of allergens and Thera-zyme TRMA, which also cleanses the blood of toxins. This helps prevent rashes in people who have trouble eliminating digested toxins.
  • Occasionally, clients have told me that when they first start the enzymes their body, urine or feces smells badly. This is due to the elimination of digested toxins. This condition disappears after a week or so.

Do enzymes interfere with prescription drugs?

Enzymes can make drugs work more efficiently. This may cause lower doses of the drug to be required and drug monitoring is advised. For example, enzymes have a modulating effect on blood pressure. So, if you are taking blood pressure medication, it is wise to monitor your blood pressure daily. If you are taking diabetic medication, it is wise to monitor your blood sugar daily. If you are taking asthma drugs, be sure to take your enzymes before you take your asthma medication to find out if you need less medication. I recommend consulting with your health care provider regarding taking enzymes along with prescribed drugs.

Can I take enzymes if I am pregnant or nursing?

Yes. In fact, it is very important that you do this. Since a baby is formed from what the mother eats and digests, a poor diet and/or digestion during pregnancy can lead to health problems in the baby. Also, digestive enzymes can prevent or reverse infant colic, whether you are nursing or bottle feeding your baby.

Can I give enzymes to my pets?

Yes. Dogs and cats respond to enzymes much the same as people do. And, pets get the same health problems as people for the same reasons -- poor digestion and a poor diet.

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