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Many people misdiagnose themselves or are told by their health care provider that they have a condition that they don't have. For example, many people believe or are told by their health care provider that they have candidiasis and that it is a cause of their health problems. But poor digestion causes the same symptoms as yeast overgrowth. Also, the signs of parasites are very similar to those of poor digestion. If you are treating yourself or are being treated for a condition and it's not getting better, maybe you were misdiagnosed! These are the people who need a health care provider or an enzyme nutritionist who can, by objective testing, find out just what enzymes are needed.

Becoming a client requires doing the Loomis 24-hour urinalysis and filling out a health history of signs and indications of food intolerances (poor digestion), enzyme and nutritional deficiencies plus a complete diet survey.

The Loomis 24-hour Urinalysis

Do not confuse this test with a random urine sample such as the Reams test. The Loomis 24-hour urine test determines what the client has trouble digesting, absorbing or assimilating, such as protein, sugars or fats plus colon toxicity and certain nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin C and calcium. There is an enzyme formula for each digestive problem and nutritional deficiency.

A Complete Health History

The health history includes a diet survey plus a questionnaire that reveals enzyme and nutritional deficiencies that may have not surfaced from the urine test. Since I do not see most of my clients in person, this health history is very important, because it tells symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and the corresponding enzyme needs. There is an enzyme connection to every health problem and many of these are discussed in my book, The Enzyme Cure.

Using the Loomis 24-hour urinalysis, the health history, diet survey and enzyme deficiency questionnaire plus an interview with you gives me adequate information to determine an enzyme nutrition program. My goal is to prioritize your most immediate enzyme and nutritional needs. From my experience I know that just changing the diet and choosing whole, organic foods, will help relieve many problems. So, I give the minimum number of enzyme formulas, which will create optimum digestion and correct nutritional deficiencies. Like magic, health issues related to enzyme deficiencies are relieved, such as indigestion, stomach problems, food and environmental allergies, asthma, diarrhea, constipation, and so on.

Hormonal Balancing and the Pro-Thyroid Diet

My work also emphasizes hormonal balancing and a pro-thyroid (nutritional thyroid support) diet. I have found that hypothyroidism is a world-wide problem because of our diet and many anti-thyroid substances in the diet, water, air and environment. See my articles on Hypothyroidism; Thyroid Resistance; and Thyroid Myths.
Fee Schedule
If you decide to become a client, you may order a urine kit from the store or directly from our office. The initial kit includes a complete health history (described above), instructions for collecting and sending a 24-hour urine sample and several articles on enzymes and hypothyroidism. If you have questions about the urine test, please call the office at (503) 775-2251 weekdays during office hours (9 am - 2 pm PST). When we receive your urine kit, the fees for the urinalysis and the consultation will be charged to your credit card unless you submit a check with your urine sample. Be sure to include your complete health history, nutrition survey, enzyme deficiency questionnaire and your diet during the urine test along with your urine sample.
Initial Urine Kit: $20 plus postage

Repeat Urine Kits:
$12 plus postage

Urinalysis: $95 each plus consultation time.

First Consultation Appointment (by phone or in person): $232.50, which includes the lab fee for the urine test, consultation (approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours), Dr. Lee's complete write up - a summary of your urine test, dietary recommendations, enzyme recommendations and a complete nutrition program. In addition, a 15 minute follow-up consultation is included in your first appointment fee.

Repeat consultations (by phone or in person): $110 per hour pro-rated. Please specify the approximate amount of time you need when making your appointment, but, you will be charged only for the actual time of the phone consultation. Add $95 if this appointment includes a urine test.

Additional Information

Lita Lee Lab: 5526 SE 70th Ave., Portland, OR 97206
Insurance: Dr. Lee's work is not covered by medical insurance since it is entirely nutritional and not medical. This includes the supplements which are also foods.

Office Hours: 9am - 2 pm PST. Outside of office hours, our answering machine will take your message.
Returns: Sealed, unopened bottles of supplements may be returned for credit provided they are returned at your expense within 30 days of purchase. You can exchange them, receive a credit, or ask for a refund on your credit card.


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