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Checkout problem - Fields fill out by themselves!

Q. When I check out as a returning customer, the form fields seem to have mind of their own. They fill out my information the rest of the way after I start with just a few letters, and move to fill in the other fields too! Some of them are not correct, like the Sate field. It is also hard to change it to the correct State. What's going on?

A. You probably have an "auto fill" feature turned on in your browser. Some browsers are "smart" enough to remember often typed information and can then attempt to fill out forms for you when they sense that you are entering that information again... Unfortunately, they are not as smart as they need to be to do a very good job. Of particular problem can be dropdown selection boxes that contain pre typed information such as country or state names. The only thing you can do is turn your auto fill feature off. Our site will fill out your information for you correctly (assuming you enter it correctly) after your first order simply by supplying your e-mail address and password.



Checkout problem - I've entered my information wrong!

Q. I made a mistake entering my name, address, or other information during checkout... now it automatically loads the wrong information when I want to re-order. How do I change it?

A. The next time you order, log in and update the information that is wrong before clicking continue. The change will update you information and it will be correct on that order and any subsequent ones.


Checkout problem - Seems to get stuck or lockup!

Q. When trying to checkout, one or more pages take a very long time to change or pull up the next page. what's wrong?

A. While we have made every attempt to make your checkout pages load and function quickly and reliably under all circumstances... some things are just beyond our control. Aside from the speed of your modem, many factors can degrade and interfere with your browsing and checkout process. Modems are rated for maximum data transfer under optimal conditions - which rarely occur in real life. Line noise, ISP bandwidth load, and general congestion on the internet itself can cause lost packets of information that can force your modem to retry many times. Some times your modem spends more time retrying than actually sending good data. And in some cases, it just gives up or your browser stops requesting the files that have not made it all the way to you.

If this happens, try your order again in an hour or so or at lower usage times. If you continue to have problems, please contact us and place your order in person. We'll be glad to help!


Acrobat Reader problem - When I open an article, sometimes it locks up my system.

Q. Sometimes when I open an article, Acrobat loads and my system locks up so hard that I have to power off and restart. I have a current version of acrobat, so what could be wrong?

A. If a system is already low on system resources, sometimes acrobat will tip it over the edge and cause it to crash. So if you had been using other applications like MSWord or browsing for some time before attempting to open a file that needs acrobat, when it is called to open there is just not enough free system resources for the system to continue and it halts everything. Try the following:

Restart you system and try going directly to the the site and file again and attempt to download it again.

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Cookie Questions?

Q. I'm having trouble ordering or logging in to reorder what else could be wrong?

A. You must have cookies enabled for at least our site in order to place orders or re-order items. Click here to learn how to enable cookies.



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