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Aurora Watchers Field Guide
By John Flinn
For those of us that live in the mid-latitudes, it is becoming easier to plan for the arrival of auroras.

It is important to have a handle on long and short range aurora indicators when planning for a serious photo session. The most frequent time for auroras in any given year are during the weeks close to Spring and Fall equinox.  

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Northern Lights - Luminous Emissaries
By John Flinn
A chance encounter of the Northern Lights from the top of one of Oregonís high mountains is unforgettable.

Even in Oregon, we can experience a microcosm of the Arctic during those rare occasions when strong geomagnetic storms push the aurora down from the far north to light up our night sky.

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Tips on Learning the Constellations of the Night
By John Flinn
Knowing the constellations allows one to see the hidden tapestry behind the stars.

It took me two years to learn the 37 major constellations that grace the northern skies. However, with the right approach it could be done in two weeks. It becomes much easier to locate the planets, the nebulas and star clusters.


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