To Your Health - April 2002
To Your Health - April 2002
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By Lita Lee, Ph.D.
Newsletter: April 2002
Importance Of Protein; Dangers Of Isolated Nutrients; Nutrition For Care-givers; Sound Bites

Find out why protein is so necessary; Why I avoid isolated vitamins, minerals and amino acids; Caring for the care-givers; Sound Bites

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April 2002 Volume 7, Issue 2



Spring fever strikes again!


Here we are again! Spring, my favorite season. It’s a time of rebirth: buds and leaves appear, spring flowers bloom, warmer weather returns (sometimes) bringing the promise of bright, summer days. (Don’t brag if you come from tropical climates. We know you are spoiled!). This issue is chock full of information about using whole foods and whole supplements, the importance of animal protein and much more. I also include a note to honor and support the caregivers. Happy Spring to all of you,




"Sound Bites"


Bioacoustics Versus The Flu


Rose is a healthy woman, age 22, who got the nasty flu going around last winter.symptoms included sore throat, very congested sinuses and feeling achy all over.illness progressed into her lungs, which hurt and "burned", she said.cough was so severe that she couldn't lie on her back.she took lots of enzymes - TRMA (infection), SvG (sore throat), Nsl (sinuses), Lagundi (lung herb), Citricidal tabs (infection) and a new Citricidal Nasal spray, she needed more help.

I took a voiceprint.(any kind) show up as "humps" in the expanded voiceprint.people call them "rainbows" because of their shape. Her voice was chock full of humps. I started with the three worst (biggest) ones in the present time ("the now").created a sound pattern for each hump and tested her.liked all of the sounds.told her to listen to them 10-15 minutes every 3-4 hours.

The next day, I took another voiceprint.The worst one (the "mother hump") was filling in quite nicely, indicating that her body was fighting the illness.of the humps had disappeared, so I kept the sound of the mother hump and added two more sound patterns corresponding to other humps.also added sounds for her cough.

A third voiceprint showed still more improvement. She faithfully listened to her sounds daily. Each day, she felt and looked better.five days, she had recovered enough to return to work.

This story illustrates how sounds, correctly given, "nourish" the body during times of sickness.


The Importance of Protein


Okay folks, here it is: why I emphasize a high animal protein diet. Inadequate dietary protein is so widespread that I thought I would put in writing why every BODY needs protein! (p.s. This is an anti-vegan article, so if you hate protein, don’t read this). Source: Associates Seminar by Dr. Howard Loomis of EFI, San Francisco 2/2001 and Ft. Lauderdale 2/2002. For books written by Dr. Loomis, please contact EFI at 1-800-614-4400.

All digested foods (protein, carbohydrates and fats) are a source of energy. In addition, digested protein has the following functions critical to life and health. Protein is used in two different ways: as food and as plasma proteins.

Digested protein is transported to the liver where it is used as food and has three important functions:

1. Growth and repair;

2. Formation of essential compounds, such as enzymes, hemoglobin, insulin, thyroid hormone, epinephrine, neurotransmitters, photoreceptors in the eye, etc.;

3. Forms antibodies (immune system function).

Plasma proteins circulate in the blood to maintain homeostasis (balances pH, temperature, volume, blood pressure, tonicity, electrolytes, etc.). Plasma proteins aren’t used a food and have three  basic functions: 

1. Maintains pH (acid-alkaline balance) by buffering excess acid (H+) and alkalinity (OH-);

2. Maintains water balance and the other functions important in homeostasis listed above;

3. Transports nutrients (cholesterol, ionic calcium, hemoglobin, amino acids, etc.) and detoxifies wastes (dead pathogens and other wastes) and drugs (including prescription drugs).

Protein (and calcium) deficiency symptoms (either not eating or not digesting protein (protease deficiency):

Mucous membranes too wet (runny nose, runny eyes);

Edema (water retention) – because protein holds water in the extracellular fluid (blood) and if you have low protein, water leaks out;

Can’t or won’t exercise because become stiff and sore;

Muscle cramps (calcium or potassium deficiency);

Menstrual cramps and other female problems always involve protein deficiency (and hypothyroidism);

Hypoglycemia (because 45% of protein is converted to sugar, so if you cannot digest protein, you cannot convert it to sugar);

Cold hands and feet and other hypothyroid symptoms;

Arthritis, joint problems;

Gum problems;


Immune system problems anywhere, such as lung problems, frequent infections, etc.;

Tendency towards blood clots;

If you have trouble digesting protein, try these enzymes:

Bil – digests fat and protein. Take 2 caps before each meal 3x/d.

HCL – digests fat, sugar and protein and helps a sluggish digestive system. Take 2 caps before each meal 3x/d.

TRMA – taken between meals, this provides nutritional support in people who have a protease deficiency and may have some of the protease (low protein) deficiency symptoms listed above.

Contraindication:  If you have gastric problems of any kind (hiatal hernia, ulcer or gastritis), do not take TRMA on an empty stomach.



Just Say “NO” To Isolated “Anythings”

I don’t recommend isolated vitamins,  minerals or amino acids. When a substance is removed from the mother plant or synthesized in a laboratory, it becomes an entirely different substance – sometimes a toxic one. My basic rule of nutrition is: if God made it and you like it and can digest it, eat it! Here are brief examples of why I’m against isolated “anythings” (this is a new word!):

Minerals: Minerals can be chelated with isolated and sometimes toxic amino acids. For example, minerals chelated with: aspartates or glutamates can cause seizures and much more; orotates can cause cancer; oxides are insoluble and not absorbed; carbonates are absorbed but cause an alkaline stress on the blood. So, how to get adequate minerals? Eat non-iodized sea salt, which contains 48 minerals. In addition, organic foods have been compared to commercial foods and were found to contain from 200 – 400% more minerals than their commercial equivalents.

Vitamins:  I don’t recommend synthetic vitamins because when isolated, they can be toxic. For example, both PABA and beta-carotene, when isolated, are potent thyroid inhibitors. B vitamins are often sold in very high doses. (e.g. B-6 is often sold in 50 mg or higher doses. A 10 mg dose is plenty and high doses are likely to be toxic to the nerves and liver. I don’t recommend ascorbates or ascorbic acid. Neither are really vitamin C and they irritate the liver and the colon, can cause diarrhea and chelate healthy minerals from your body. Ascorbates are best taken intravenously. The only isolated vitamin I recommend is natural vitamin E, but you don’t need it if you take progesterone dissolved in vitamin E. If you want to increase your nutrition, I recommend taking an herbal tonic such as Thera-zyme ELXR, which is a combination of herbs and enzymes.

Isolated amino acids can be toxic: In fact, in order to be carried in the blood they must be attached to protein, just like calcium and cholesterol. In particular, glutamate and aspartic acid can cause seizures. Tryptophan is especially toxic. It’s the only amino acid that is carcinogenic, plus it converts to serotonin which has many severe health effects. The only amino acid supplement I recommend is Thera-zyme Pro-NH3, which is egg white protein combined with amino acids. It is very readily absorbed and people taking it notice a wonderful increase in energy.

Here is more on the myth of isolated amino acids

The following is taken from Ray Peat’s Newsletter, “Tryptophan, serotonin and aging”, Copyright 1997, Raymond Peat, P.O. Box 5764, Eugene, OR 97405, Jan. 2002. For reprints including references, send $4 to the above address.

Free amino acids (hydrolyzed proteins) are being promoted as safe, non-toxic and more readily assimilated than whole proteins despite research showing that adults assimilate whole proteins more effectively than free amino acids. This myth has been used to promote MSG, NutraSweet and chelated minerals (minerals chelated with isolated amino acids). Of all free amino acids, glutamic acid (glutamate), aspartic acid and tryptophan are the most toxic. Aspartic acid (alone and the mineral chelate or in NutraSweet) and glutamic acid (alone, as glutamine or mineral glutamates or MSG) are “excitatory” amino acids and cause seizures in sensitive people. In fact, they are used in animals to induce seizures in order to test anti-convulsant drugs.

Note from Dr. Peat: L-glutamine is not as toxic as the glutamate. The glutamine pathways involved in its metabolism when it’s eaten separately are less well known, but I wouldn’t advise eating any isolated amino acid.

 Tips on nutritional substitutes for isolated vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Vitamins: Make sure it’s a whole food. One of the best I know about is ELXR (Loomis). It’s a predigested herbal formula.

Minerals: Eat sea salt and organic whole foods and not to worry.

Amino acids: Avoid the isolated ones. Eat whole organic proteins. If you need more, take Pro-NH3 (Loomis) – 4 caps twice daily. I recommend this for anyone who needs more energy and for women who are tired and/or have PMS.


Caring For The Care-giver


This is in honor of all of you taking care of someone who is ill. My beloved twin sister developed a life-threatening illness right before Christmas, requiring 2 weeks of hospital care and a long recuperation period. During routine examination, another serious illness was discovered requiring major surgery. I did my best, but it was difficult for me to handle this situation. So, I got sick. Then I started to think about all of you who have corresponded with me over the years and about how you are handling the care of the people that you love the most.

I believe that the caregiver suffers like the loved one who is sick, but on a different level. Although the loved one may be in pain and suffering, the caregiver is suffering as well, but for different reasons such as grief, severe stress, fear, emotional upset and thoughts, such as, “How will I survive without my loved one” or “How will I be able to take care of her” or “How will I be able to continue my life with him”.  

Many people don’t appreciate the profound inhibiting effect of stress on the thyroid gland and the results of low thyroid function. Stress can be physical, mental, emotional and can include stress of winter darkness and holiday seasons. So, I am giving you this list of enzymes and natural foods to let you know that there are non-toxic ways of dealing with stress. Note that TRMA, SvG, thyroid and pregnenolone are also pro-immune system formulas. I introduced this list after the 9/11/2001 tragedy. I am adding some new homeopathic formulas to this list. You can combine the homeopathics with the enzymes. They helped me. They will help you.

Appropriate multiple digestive enzyme - usually PAN (sugar intolerance) is indicated, 2 caps with each meal 3x/d. Sometimes additional formulas are required. The Loomis 24-hour urine test will determine the exact formulas needed. 

SvG - to quiet the racing mind, relax, become serene or meditate. Take 4 caps 3-5 X/d between meals as needed including before bed if your mind is keeping you awake.

Adr - digests sucrose and puts glucose into the brain which helps relieve stress, panic and when you wake up at night. Take 2 caps with meals to digest sugar OR take 4 caps between meals 3-5X/d to relieve stress, panic or anxiety.

CLM - for nervousness and emotional upsets. Take 2, 3 or 4 caps as needed anytime, 3-5 X/d.  This is for people who suffer severe emotional, mental or physical stress and who are very nervous.

TRMA - for anxiety, sighing a lot, plus immune system problems due to protease deficiency (protein intolerance). Take 4 caps between meals 3 -5 x/d. Dosage dependent on symptoms.

Pregnenolone – anti-stress formula. Stops chemical cascade in the brain that leads to panic attack. Take 2-3 tabs (25 mg) per meal 3x/d until well, and then decrease to maintenance dose of 1 tab per meal 3x/d. During extreme stress, you can take 2 tabs as often as needed if the pregnenolone is pure. It will give you energy while providing a sense of calmness during stressful periods.

Thyroid - a major anti-stress glandular. Take as directed. The need for thyroid will increase with stress (any kind), winter (darkness) and sickness.

Progesterone in vitamin E oil - for women. Take 3 drops 3x/d

Bach and other Flower Essences - many formulas will help relieve stress - Rescue Remedy (shock, crisis), Mimulus (known fears), Forget Me Not (bereavement), Cherry Plum (self-destructive thoughts), Star of Bethlehem (helps neutralize the trauma of receiving bad news) and so on. These can be taken along with enzymes and homeopathics.

Diet - follow thyroid stimulating and blood sugar stabilizing diet (must be high in organic animal protein, sea salt, fresh organic fruits and fruit juices). In addition, carbonated water is very important for people who are anxious.

New Homeopathics from Bioenergetics

There are over 20 formulas, but I will list only the ones having to do with stress. Call the office to get the complete list (which will soon be posted on my website). The uses of these homeopathic formulas are obvious. You can take ½ dropperful  every 15 minutes until relieved and then 3 times daily for maintenance.

Anxiety - anxiety, sighing, fears of known or unknown origin, taking tranquilizers.

Depression Release - despair, melancholy with desire to die, sadness, frequent crying, withdrawal from people.

Insomnia Relief - difficulty falling or staying asleep, nightmares, wake up early and cannot go back to sleep, restless legs that cause awakening, kept awake by continual thoughts.

Stress Relief - for physical, mental and emotional stress and tension. Includes the effects of anger, anguish, shock, fear of death, mood swings, anxiety, grief, emotional upsets, nervousness, nervous tension headaches, etc. 



Notes To Lita...

As you all know, my favorite lawyer, Ralph Fucetola,

aka tells me that I have to state:

“Testimonial results are not typical. Your results may vary.”


Thanks for changing my diet, giving me enzymes and helping me to change me. No more prescriptions. Thank you. It is changing my life.   P.V.C., OR

(Note: This 52 year-old woman presented with serious gastric problems (pain, nausea, vomiting and loss of bowel control). Disabled for 15 years, she was taking 13 drugs, 8 of which listed these problems as side effects. She was also taking anti-depressants and other toxic medications. In 3 weeks, she was off all of her drugs and regained normal bowel control and healing of her gastric problems. When she visited me after 3 weeks, she stood straight (instead of hunching over, clutching her stomach), her cheeks were pink and she looked 10 years younger. I have never witnessed a case like this and doing so gave me great hope for others like her.)


Thank you for your light and knowledge. I am feeling better than the day you saw me! I believe that with faith, hope, good nutrition and supplements (and some traditional methods) we will conquer this. God bless,   M.R., OR


Dear Lita, it has been some time since I have sent you an E-mail.....mainly because I  haven't had any more problems...which is very good! I do so appreciate getting my health back. What a blessing to awake in the morning and feel ready to take on whatever comes my way. I thought you might like to know of 2 rather long-term changes which have been brought to my attention by friends who haven't seen me for about a year. First, my snow-white hair is's quite salt and pepper in appearance and the hair at the nape of my neck is very dark. Also, my hair is getting thick again as it was when I was young! Second, my eyes are getting back the bright blue color they were many years ago. I'm 70+ now and until  recently they were a faded grayish-blue. I hadn't noticed these changes until my friends mentioned them. Interesting, isn't it?

Thanks again for all your help. Love and Blessings,     N. F., FL


Lita, thank you. I have not told you yet but I am so glad I found you. God bless you.   F.K., CA


My 3 year old cat started having difficulty eating. The tissue around the front of her mouth was blistered and oozing. Seems she got fungicide residue onto her paws and then onto her mouth. While she was still playful and active,became increasingly difficult for her to eat and, after about 1 1/2 days, I had to use an eyedropper to give her liquids.

I started giving her 3 capsules/day of DERM (in warm water - by eyedropper). Withinhours there was a marked improvement. Within 2 days she was almost completely back to her normal frisky, happy self.

I was just about to send you this note, when I noticed my 6 year old male cat having difficulty urinating. Classic symptoms - urgency to urinate, but unable to go.used the same technique on him. I mixedof UrT with warm water and gave it to him by eyedropper. After 1 day (3 capsules), he is urinating without difficulty!you, Lita!!  G.H., CA


More Healthy Sound


Sharry Edwards has appeared on a series of radio shows on Wisdom Radio ( The tentative date for Sharry's next appearance is 05/10/02. You can order tapes of your favorite WISDOM® Radio Shows, by calling 1-888-894-7638. Please specify which program(s) you would like, using the program list below:

Featuring Dr. Lita Lee and Sharry Edwards:

Carolyn Craft’s Inner Wisdom  02/09/1999


Please Note: The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in these case notes and testimonials published here are not typical. One of the main lessons that Natural Healing teaches us is that no one is typical. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. These results are what some people have achieved with our methods. Your results may vary.

Notice: I am a chemist and an enzyme nutritionist, not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. I provide enzymes and other dietary supplements to improve digestion and to nourish and support normal function and structure of the body. If you suspect any disease, please consult your physician

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. They are intended for nutritional support only. The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in case notes and testimonials published here are not typical, however they do show what some people have been able to achieve. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. The third party information referred to herein is neither adopted nor endorsed by this web site but is provided for general information purposes. The listing of specific disease terms is based upon medical literature and is not a substitute for competent medical advice. If you suspect a medical condition, you should consult a physician.

Important Note

To find a certified sound therapist in your area, please call Sharry Edwards at Sound Health   740-698-9119. 

Be sure that your sound therapist has been certified by Ms. Edwards. There are unqualified therapists who claim to be certified, but are not. 

You can learn more about Ms. Edwards at


Disclaimer: Human BioAcoustics, as originated by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. Human BioAcoustics researchers do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.



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