To Your Health - April 2000
To Your Health - April 2000
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By Lita Lee, Ph.D.
Newsletter: April 2000
Toxic Effects of Estrogen; Asthma and Lagundi, an Herb for the lungs; Sound Bites

The Truth About Estrogen (why you should avoid estrogen whether it's natural, synthetic, herbal (such as soy isoflavones, black cohosh and others), or environmental, such as pesticides and fluoride); The Bach Flower remedies (more on the Bach flower essences plus a case history); Asthma - taking your breath away (an introduction to a new herb from the Philippines especially developed to nourish the lungs); Lagundi Is For Your Lungs (a description of this herb, what is does and stories from people with lung problems who have used it); Sound Bites (sound therapy stories).

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April 2000 Volume 5, Issue 2


Once Again, It’s Spring!!!...


And I feel myself budding out all over!!  And, once again, I have more to share with you than I have room in these four pages.  So, please forgive the brevity of these articles,  and know that you can contact my office for more detailed publications.

I hope this beautiful Spring finds you happy, healthy and with a growing awareness and understanding of what you can do to promote good mental, physical and spiritual health.



"Sound Bites"


The girl who forgot how to read

(a case history from the files of Sharry Edwards)


For new readers, please see the January 2000 issue for  Sound Therapy basics.

Andi, a top-notch first grader, forgot how to read during her summer vacation. Her mother could not understand why. It had been an especially beautiful summer for her child: they had been able to afford a real home and this was the first summer that Andi’s mother had been able to spend time with her since being in college as a single parent. 

Andi’s teacher decided that Andi should be put into a special reading class, but this embarrassed Andi and she became reluctant to go to school.  She either cried or pretended to be sick every day. The classes were not helping. 

One day while riding in the car, Andi wrote a note to her mother. It read, “Mommy, I feel so stupid. Why can’t I read anymore?” Her mother pulled over onto the side of the road and they wept together, embracing and sharing the frustration. 

Then the mother remembered Sharry Edwards’ pioneering sound therapy and how she used low frequency sound to help another little girl in her neighborhood reverse mental retardation. She made an appointment with Sharry.

Sharry found that Andi’s voice was missing the note corresponding to the color pink. When Sharry gave her the missing note, the child was able to read clearly and without hesitation. The vocal print showed that Andi had been poisoned with formaldehyde. Suddenly, her mother remembered the formaldehyde warning on the mobile home she had moved into during the summer. The warning had said that formaldehyde levels in a new mobile home could be a health problem. In fact, this is so common that “mobile home syndrome” is a term to describe the health problems arising from formaldehyde poisoning.

Andi began a sound therapy program to restore her missing note and an air filter was installed into the mobile home. Andi’s teacher noticed immediate and striking improvement in Andi’s behavior. Andi’s self esteem returned and she became a bright, cheerful, intelligent seven-year old again.

Andi’s mother is very grateful. She writes: “Sound Health has an ongoing research project using vocal analysis and sound to try to find the causes of reading and learning problems with other children. It is a non-intrusive program using a vocal print. Every child with a learning problem, no matter what the cause, should have access to this technique. I would encourage any parent of a child with unexplained symptoms to have their child tested.  I’m very lucky. My child was helped. She won’t grow up branded as “dumb” even by her own opinions because we, the adults, have failed to make our world a safe place to nurture, emotionally and physically, our most valuable resource: our children.”  By Ronna Douglas, mother of Andi.


The Truth About Estrogen


By estrogen, I mean not only what the female (and male) body produces (Estriol, Estradiol and Estrone), but also all estrogenic foods, herbs (such as black cohosh, sage, pennyroyal), all yeasted foods, many plant substances and anything that mimics estrogen (such as most pesticides). In addition, there are foods that are estrogenic. Most common are soy products and unsaturated fatty acids (all seed, nut, bean, fish and plant oils such as soybean, safflower, sesame, canola, flaxseed, cod/salmon, Evening Primrose and borage oils).

Estrogen is not the female hormone, as is commonly believed. Progesterone is the major female hormone and unless you have ten times more progesterone than estrogen, you are in trouble. It doesn’t matter whether you have a low or a normal or a high estrogen level; what matters is how much of the protective progesterone you have to oppose this estrogen.  

Summary of the toxic effects of estrogen in women (progesterone produces the opposite effects):

* Early menses (<age 13), early menopause;

* Body shape: short legs, broad hips (though not in every case);

* PMS indications, cramps, anxiety, breast pain, excessive, scanty or absence of menses, endometriosis;

* Hair loss with abnormal facial hair;

* Infertility or miscarriage at 10th week of pregnancy, birth defects, post partum depression;

* Breast, uterine and ovarian pathology (tumors, fibroids, cystic ovaries, etc.);

* Cancers of all kinds:  female (breast, ovaries, uterine, cervical), testicular, prostate, lung, liver, colon, kidney, brain and others such as melanoma;

* Migraine headaches (worse in women during menses);

* Seizures (worse in women at ovulation and menses);

* Increased fat storage;

* Hypoxia (tissue oxygen starvation);

* Tissue damage (fibromyalgia) which means edema, low blood sugar and inflammation;

* Bruising or pigmentation (dark spots) or discoloration of face and skin;

* Increased rate of gallbladder disease;

* Aging of skin (makes skin thinner (skin atrophy), decreased cell size and dendritic branches);  

* Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis; 

* Cardio toxic (promotes irregular heartbeat, blood clots, stroke, heart disease, blood vessel spasms);

* Promotes production of prolactin, lutenizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in abnormal amounts. Excess prolactin leads to prolactinoma (pituitary tumor);

* Other diseases related to estrogen dominance:  lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, porphyria, optic neuritis, glaucoma, nerve cell damage, blood pressure abnormalities, blood sugar disturbances, hypothyroidism, varicose veins, water retention (edema) and obesity;

* Mental and emotional problems:  suicidal depression, lethargy, irritability, aggressiveness, anxiety, excessive worry or crying, fear of public places and memory loss.

Source: Peat, Raymond, Ph.D., From PMS to Menopause, P.O. Box 5764, Eugene, OR 97405.



The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring… Continued


Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known physician who practiced for over 20 years in London in the 1900’s, gave up his lucrative practice and research in 1930 to devote the rest of his life to the finding of his flower essences and to the perfecting of Flower Healing. Before his death, he developed 38 essences from the flowers of wild plants, bushes and trees. They are prescribed not for the patient’s physical complaint, but for his/her mental or emotional state thus enabling the sufferer to overcome his/her depression fear, worry, hatred, despair, hopelessness, state of shock and so on. Overcoming these negative emotions assists in the patient’s healing. Bach knew that negative emotions, such as fear, panic, hatred, worry and depression will, in time, deplete a person’s vitality and suppress his/her immune system and make him/her vulnerable to illness or even serious diseases. Bach concluded that the patient, not the disease, needs the treatment. Flower essence remedies have no harmful side effects; yet have great power to assist in healing. 

I have found that there is a common thread of emotional issues in people who are sick. There are flower essences for each of these problems. Here are some of the ones that I find most common in many of my clients. I use up to seven remedies to make up the tincture, adding four drops of each flower essence from the stock to the tincture. The client puts four drops under the tongue four times daily or can add these drops to water. Anyone can take these flower essences, young and old alike. Flower essences work on animals too!

* Agrimony  For people who appear cheerful and carefree, but who feel mentally tortured and worried on the inside.  These people may have restlessness and insomnia at night and make joke about their illness. Agrimony combats the mental torture that is created by a condition, such as acne or cancer.

* Gorse  For conditions of long duration (physical or emotional) that may cause despair. Helps with illnesses of long duration, especially when progress ceases after some improvement. Helps when one feels condemned to a lifetime of the condition and is ready to give up hope when things look hopeless. 

* Mimulus  For fear and anxiety of known causes, such as fear of dying, illness, failure, darkness, growing old etc.   This is great for your pet fear, which you would give much to lose, but, at times, find hard to overcome.

* Star of Bethlehem  For the after-effect of experiences that may cause shock, such as witnessing an accident, watching someone die, being attacked, loosing a loved one, and so on. Sometimes the after-effect is immediate and other times it occurs years later. It may manifest as a nervous breakdown, a skin disease, heart problems, mental problems, etc., for which no cause can be found. This formula comforts and sooths the pains and sorrows of life’s difficult experiences.

* Walnut  For transitions, such as changing jobs, healing transition, breaking negative ties from the past. This is the “tie-breaker” formula.

* Crab Apple  For cleansing the mind and the body of that which it dislikes and that which fills it with despair and disgust, such as a bad habit, a physical condition, or a negative quality in our nature which may make us feel unclean mentally. It is for overcoming excess dwelling on trivial matters.

* Red Chestnut  Excessive fear, anxiety and worry for others, especially your loved ones (e.g. worrying when you are sick that you can’t provide for your family).

* Cherry Plum  For those who are desperate, deeply depressed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, possibly contemplating suicide.

* Holly  This is the antidote for hatred, which Bach considered to be the fundamental cause of every difficulty in life because it is the antithesis of love. Bach said, “Holly protects us from everything that is not Universal Love.” Holly also heals other negative emotions, such as envy, jealousy, suspicion, anger, and a tendency towards violence.

* Self Heal (not a Bach Flower essence, but a flower essence)  To potentize the other remedies, to open up the soul for healing. 

* Impatiens  For the impatient person who may finish other’s sentences, walk so fast that those ahead of them step aside, and generally expect things to happen unrealistically soon. They are sometimes quick to anger.


Case History:  The woman who worried too much

A woman requested flower essence formulas for her emotional problems. She was very impatient and often finished her husband’s sentences (Impatiens). Outwardly, she appeared happy-go-lucky and most people never thought she had a worry in life but, inwardly, she worried about everything - her finances, her children, her business and she was often tortured mentally by these worries (Agrimony). In addition, she worried excessively about her children, often fearing the worst if they came home late or didn’t call to report that they were staying at a friend’s house (Red Chestnut). She had a near-death experience at the age of 33, which left her in deep shock and pain (Star of Bethlehem). She wanted to break ties with this negative experience from her life and move forward (Walnut). I gave her the above formulas and added Self-Heal, which I give to everyone. I also added Crab Apple, to help cleanse the mind and the body of negative thoughts and emotions. After taking this formula for several weeks, she noticed subtle differences in herself inwardly. She worried less about her children and stopped wanting everything to be done instantly. Her mind seemed less tortured by fears, doubts, guilt and negative emotions in general. Past memories did not seem to haunt her as much. In short, she loves her flower essence formula and is still taking it, some months later.


Quotes from Dr. Bach:


“Take no notice of the disease; think only of the outlook on life of the one in distress.”


“Final and complete healing will come from within, from the Soul itself, which, by His beneficence, radiates harmony throughout the personality, when allowed to do so.”


Asthma - Taking Our Breath Away


Asthma is now the leading cause of disease and disability in children and teens from 2 to 17 years old. It is increasing in people 40 and older, as well. Nearly ½ million hospital admissions are for asthma. In the past, asthma was not considered a potentially fatal disease, but the death rate from asthma increased by 67% from 1979 to 1991. Estimated medical costs are $6.2 billion per year, including $1.1 billion for medicines, $295 million for emergency room visits and $345 million in lost work time. Corticosteroids, such as prednisone, were originally the drugs of choice for asthma. Then adrenalin mimics, called beta agonists, appeared on the market (e.g. Proventil and Ventolin). Beta agonists are available in over-the-counter aerosol canisters, such as Primatine Mist. Although corticosteroids have terrible side effects (seizures, diabetes, osteoporosis and glaucoma), side effects of the beta agonists are far worse and have been statistically linked to increased deaths among asthmatics due to damage to the heart and lungs. Beta agonists cause chronic degeneration of the aorta and sudden death from heart failure, even in very young children. In fact, the asthma death rate doubled when the beta agonists came out even though the number of asthma cases remained the same.

Causes of asthma: food or environmental allergies, hypothyroidism, geopathic zones and emotional problems. The enzyme connection to asthma is sugar intolerance. The hormone connection to asthma is hypothyroidism.

Treatment for Asthma:

1. Review of enzyme formulas by Dr. Howard Loomis:

Rsp (for wheezing, coughing): 2,3 or 4 caps 3x/d, the dosage depending upon the severity of symptoms.

Kdy (for allergic-induced asthma from any source): 3 caps between meals 3x/d. 

PAN (digestive formula for asthmatics, for sugar intolerance and environmental sensitivity): 2 caps with each meal 3x/d.

Other enzymes are sometimes added to this program, depending on the individual’s urine test results.

2. Thyroid glandular: Many health problems including lung problems, heart disease, cancer, gallbladder disease, allergies and mental problems are associated with hypothyroidism. Thyroid therapy improves the immune system and keeps organs healthy.

3. A new herbal formula - Lagundi: There are many herbs for asthma and lung problems but none like the one I am about to describe to you. In 1996, Lagundi became the eighth herb licensed and registered by the Department of Health in the Philippines.


Lagundi For Your Lungs


I just got a new lung herb from the Philippines called Lagundi. It is for asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, flu, inflammation, mucous, fever, dysentery, parasites and possibly more.

The nutritional effect of Lagundi on people who suffer from asthma and other lung problems is so great that both the German Government and the Geneva Consul in Switzerland granted silver certificate awards to the Philippine Government for their research and development of Lagundi.

Botanically, Lagundi is in the Verbenaceae family, which contains 75 genera and 1300 species. Lagundi’s botanical name is Vitex negundo Linn. Although Lagundi only comes from the Philippines, other varieties of Vitex negundo Linn exist with different applications and names and in different countries. 

Traditional uses of Lagundi: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, mucus, flu, arthritis, pain, parasites, fever, colic, and ulcers. Dosage of Lagundi: 2 caps twice daily for maintenance and 2 daps 4x/d when acute.

Case Histories:

* I went to dinner with a patient named Mary who has severe asthma. At the restaurant, Mary started to get congested.  By the time we returned to her car she was gasping and said, “I can’t breathe.” Luckily, she had her unopened bottle of Lagundi in the car. She took two capsules and started the car. Before we had passed three stop lights (less than 10 minutes), she was breathing normally. I use this in combination with Rsp.  

* Margaret was shopping with her husband when a woman wearing heavy perfume walked by. The perfume caused an acute asthma attack and, at that time, Margaret had no enzymes with her. Her husband quickly opened up one cap of Lagundi, added it to water and gave it to his wife. She swished it around in her mouth and swallowed. In just three minutes, Margaret could breathe. She took a second cap and in ten minutes she could walk. She has not been to the emergency room since Lagundi.

* A friend of Margaret’s came to visit, bringing along with her three inhalers. A life-long asthmatic, she was having a bad day and could hardly breathe. Margaret gave her two caps of Lagundi and within five minutes, her friend was breathing more steadily. Within 15 minutes, she had stopped wheezing.

For more detailed information on aromatherapy, geopathic zones and other herbs, refer to The Enzyme Cure or my article on asthma.



Please Note: The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in these case notes and testimonials published here are not typical. One of the main lessons that Natural Healing teaches us is that no one is typical. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. These results are what some people have achieved with our methods. Your results may vary.

Notice: I am a chemist and an enzyme nutritionist, not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. I provide enzymes and other dietary supplements to improve digestion and to nourish and support normal function and structure of the body. If you suspect any disease, please consult your physician

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. They are intended for nutritional support only. The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in case notes and testimonials published here are not typical, however they do show what some people have been able to achieve. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. The third party information referred to herein is neither adopted nor endorsed by this web site but is provided for general information purposes. The listing of specific disease terms is based upon medical literature and is not a substitute for competent medical advice. If you suspect a medical condition, you should consult a physician.

Important Note

To find a certified sound therapist in your area, please call Sharry Edwards at Sound Health   740-698-9119. 

Be sure that your sound therapist has been certified by Ms. Edwards. There are unqualified therapists who claim to be certified, but are not. 

You can learn more about Ms. Edwards at


Disclaimer: Human BioAcoustics, as originated by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. Human BioAcoustics researchers do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.


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