Success Story - Victory Over Lymphoma

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Success Story - Victory Over Lymphoma
By Victoria
Testimonial by Victoria, April 2002
Victoria describes her victory over lymphoma combining standard medical treatments, enzyme therapy and sound therapy.

Published Date: 4/27/2001

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Success Story - Victory Over Lymphoma

Testimonial by Victoria, April 2002

Lucky for me, I have the same chiropractor as Lita Lee, PhD here in Eugene, Oregon.

One day, I managed to pull myself together and give Dr. Kahn a visit. It would be the big event of my day. Everyday, actually every minuet of everyday was a struggle. I was half way through my 6 months of chemotherapy and going down hill fast. My chemo cocktail was rated a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 by my oncologist. Standard protocol is A, B, V, D every two weeks for 6 months then 6 weeks of radiation to combat the very deadly, but highly treatable Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 3-B. I was taking lots of vitamins and herbal mixtures from Dr. Jerome Hobbs ND, but still I was getting weaker and had another 3 months to go!

My oncologist prescribed Nupigen, a daily injection for 7 days following chemo. This drug forces the bone marrow into producing the white blood cells needed to stay on track with my chemo regime. This sounds simple enough, but it also causes the large bones to ache night and day non-stop making one more and more miserable, unable to sleep, think, or even rest. I felt like I was in a torture chamber of some evil soccoror. Horrible!

It was at this stage of the game that sweet Annie, Dr. Kahn’s receptionist, gave me Lita’s number. She thought Lita would be able to help me deal with this nightmare. We called and got the Loomis urine test kit and all the forms to fill out and made an appointment for the follow week.

Finding Lita’s office/home was our first trick! She worked her magic and recommended an overwhelming regime of enzyme taking. Some empty, some with food. How in the world could I keep it all straight? But Lita touched my heart from the moment we met, and I believed in what she said.

My journey into healing started that very day. I decided to continue with my standard chemo, but add the enzymes to support and ease my weakened body. I had chemo the same day I visited Lita. The memory of that day, walking through the underground parking lot to the hospital, singing songs of death and dying in that wonderful echo chamber, I was as low as I could go. I cry just thinking of how difficult it all was. Thank God for my constant companion, supporting me every step of the way, sweet husband Tom of 27 years. But today was going to be different. We had new hope, as I was starting my enzyme therapy a la Lita Lee!

The SmI powder taken between meals nourished my toxic colon. With improved digestion, food was not just sitting in my rebellious stomach making gas and refusing to go down anymore. In fact with HCl, Kdy, Spl, and other enzymes, I began to feel better by day 4 instead of day 10 or 11. When you are taking chemo, your time is measured by the day you receive your dose. But the really huge difference was not just improved digestion; it was the pain relief from taking 4 TRMA’s at least 5 times daily. Now I could find relief and actually sleep and rest comfortably! Quickly I became a Lita Lee devotee. I ran my life 24 hours a day by my enzymes therapy. Lita also supplied us with articles on Hypothyroidism, Coconut Oil and many others.

All of this was wonderful, but what amazed me the most, was the fact that when I showed up for my next chemo 2 weeks later, my 7 days of Nupigen shots and my enzyme therapy had almost doubled my white blood cell production! This was a huge and unheard of improvement!

The eyebrows of my oncologist shot up and asked what pray tell did I do? When the answer was supplied, no more questions were asked, but he did say, “cut back on the Nupigen”. Music to my ears! So we cut it back to 5 days. With the TRMA, no painkillers were necessary. Also, music to my ears as I reacted very badly to all of the painkillers they had prescribed to me to date.

Another 2 weeks passed and now instead of 10 or 11 days of misery and only 3 or 4 good days, I was having mostly good days. The big news was that eventually the Nupigen was cut back to ½ vial for 3 days. I was hoping that I would be able to drop it all together, but my chemo was just too strong for my immune system to deal with even with the help of the enzyme therapy.

What has always amazed me was the lack of interest my oncologist displayed with my improvement. My blood work improved, my energy was good and better yet, my attitude was improving as well.

Nupigen costs $150 per bottle, compliments of our insurance company. My enzymes were of course our expense, but a fraction of the cost. Even more importantly, they worked better. Sounds like a no brainer to me. But, as I would later learn, my doctor was taught in his pre-med school that enzymes cannot get past the acid environment of the stomach. He was taught that enzymes do not work beyond the stomach. What utter nonsense! Was I not living proof? Do patients like me ever improve on A,B,V,D in the 6 months of therapy? No, of course not, they get worse and worse until they are either finished or have reduced quantities dripped into their veins. I find this more than a little sad. When I finished my chemotherapy, he sent me on to the radiologist who was to supervise my 6 weeks or “lifetime” dose of radiation.

After hearing what this doctor had to say, I all but ran away. Here I was, half dead from 6 months of chemo and that want to do what? What this doctor was suggesting was unacceptable lifetime damage to my heart, lungs and esophagus. There just had to be a better way.

We went home and tried to sort out all this hair-raising information. I still had a 7-centimeter tumor according to the last scan. It had started out at 20 centimeters 6 months ago, which is about the size of a dinner plate and was now down to the size of an orange. The chances for recurrence were 70% to 80% without the radiation. This was needless to say a death sentence for me. What to do, what to do?

Just three days later, Tom Stone came to Eugene to give a lecture on Bi-com therapy using a device developed in Germany over the last 50 years. It is a form of sound therapy. As it turned out, Tom was the only person in the United States who had completed the highest levels of training in Germany for tumor reduction and cancer therapy. Here he was in our little town of Eugene! After his lecture, I went up to him and asked if I could be his new “groupie” and follow him to Mexico for the 6 weeks of treatment needed for tumor reduction. He welcomed me with open arms, a big hug and warm laughter.

My healing journey continued. Eventually I spent 3 weeks in Germany with Tom and my husband Tom. With the supervision and direction of Dr. Andrea Bieke and Dr.Martin Keymer, Tom Stone’s teachers, my treatment continued until a few days before our flight home, Dr. Bieke solemnly announced in a matter of fact tone “You are finished with cancer”. She said that I could go on with my life and forget about the cancer. We hugged and danced around as she looked on with mild surprise. It was an odd moment for me, combining relief, elation and fear that it might not be true.

Her confident announcement was confirmed after I returned for my cat scan back in Eugene. No tumor could be found! My oncologist, now afraid I would not do the radiation recommended, ordered another more comprehensive PET scan. Still no tumor! We finally agreed to come back in 6 months for a check up with him warning us that I had a 70% chance of recurrence with the limited course of therapy completed

Not only did I continue with my enzyme therapy, to detoxify and rebuild my body, I drank a daily dose of a of fresh, raw wheat grass for over 1 year. My devotion to a positive mental attitude, meditation and prayer continues to this day. People often ask me what was the most important part of my success. Was it the enzymes, the diet, the spiritual healing, the wheat grass, or the Bio-resonance therapy? Healing comes from many directions, and I say it was all of it. When you have a deadly condition threaten to take your life, you just do it all. My husband and I made decisions based on a mix of good science, research and intuition. We dedicated ourselves to major life changes and did nothing in half measures. We did not give up because it was too hard or too expensive. We did not quit when “the coast was clear” because with cancer, it is never clear. We have continued our dedication to enzyme therapy. With Lita’s guidance, I am a living example that enzymes can and do powerful work.

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Lita Lee, Ph.D.

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