A Prayer for the Water

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A Prayer for the Water
Praying for the Water

This year the theme seems to be emerging around water. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico IS the news, filling media broadcasts. My experience is that water is a reflector, a mirror for our emotions and thoughts.

Published Date: 5/07/10

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Jan Engels-Smith
Light Song
June 24, 2010
Jan Engels-Smith, LightSong Healing Center

This year the theme seems to be emerging around water.  The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico IS the news, filling media broadcasts.  My experience is that water is a reflector, a mirror for our emotions and thoughts. In journeys to water years ago, the spirit of water told me that there are two things on the planet that were created without any agendas or predisposed signatures. They are water and clear quartz crystals. Both of these substances are completely programmable and will "broadcast" the program that is laid into them. The water being a mirror for our thoughts or feelings is a form of broadcast out into the environment showing us either how pure or contaminated our thinking or feelings are.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has documented countless studies on the subject of water and how it is affected by our thoughts and vibrations, and has become a primary source of this leading edge information. I have written several newsletters on the topic of the importance of personal vibration and positive, intentional manifestation. It is a topic that I think about all day long. What are our thoughts and feelings creating in the world at large?

The Gulf spill seems to be taxing even the most spiritually inclined, taking them into the lower depths of their anguish, fear, and powerlessness. However, my experience with spirit has shown me that there is no problem that exists that is presented without some sort of immense growth available within it. To become aware of the growth or the solution means that you must be the vibration of the solution. Sometimes a difficult truth to swallow; however, it is true. Please refer to my newsletter from March 2009, Choose Happiness in Difficult Times for more information on the topic

Another thing that I consistently think about are the layers of reality and what is hidden in the bigger picture of a given situation. The first layer is that there is oil spilling into water. But objectifying this problem by personally moving away from it can magnify other realities that may be in motion. What is oil? I remember the message from Terry Kem, a council member and one of LightSong's Associate Teachers, when he was merged with a Spirit Being from below the earth. This spirit said that there is this whole world below the earth. I am not speaking of lower world, but a group of spirits that live below the earth, are part of the earth, but are not surface dwellers like we are. Oil is one of these groups that live beneath the earth, and oil has a spirit; it is created from the remains of millions of animals and plants that existed long ago, our ancestors of the early earth, before humans. They are giving a strong voice to a message. They are placing that message in the water, our sustenance, and getting us to pay closer attention.

Unfortunately, many humans will miss this important message because they are outraged, blaming, and screaming. And if they are not overtly livid, they are drowning in despair, heartache, and powerlessness. Neither of these two reactions is benefiting the solution. These emotions and thoughts about the causes only foster more of the problem. Many people desire to know what to do, but are perplexed with the enormous amount of death they are faced with in the ocean.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's broadcasted prayer for this situation is very simple, yet extremely powerful.

To the water, whales, dolphins, pelicans, fishes, shellfishes, planktons, corals, algae, and all creatures in our Gulf of Mexico, I apologize. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Amen.
- Dr. Masaru Emoto

I encourage all of us to say this prayer countless times a day, adding positive, emotional, grateful, and authentic feelings to it.   I invite you to join us in any capacity that you can.  

We are the creator beings of this planet. EACH ONE of us makes a difference! YOU can help with the turn of the events in the gulf. Where two or more are gathered there is an exponential amount of energy gathered and sent. Join me now by praying Dr. Emoto's simple prayer for days on end, several times a day, with no judgment or worry.

Remember that the oil is not the enemy. These ancestors have been helping us survive, warm ourselves, and flourish for decades. See beyond the "disaster" and look at the bigger picture. There are no accidents. What are the messages that are being given from these two mighty forces, the water and oil? Journey, pray, and meditate on this. The answers and solutions will surface as we stay in the vibration that allows them to manifest.

We are changing the world, and it is moving forward in a glorious way.

Heart to Heart

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